About Us

A Message from Las Vegas Urban League WIC

The Las Vegas Urban League Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program’s sole purpose is to provide quality nutrition education and supportive services to low-income families to increase their opportunities in becoming more productive citizens so that they positively impact their communities.

Our program prides itself on customer-service delivery.  Although our main goal is nutrition education and improving the infant mortality rate, we have established a standard of “Hospitality Driven –Nutritional Focus.”

Families can expect to be treated with respect, honor and dignity and made to feel welcomed into a fresh wholesome and vibrant hospitality environment by a staff that understands the struggles of demographics they represent. We believe customer service is everything and anything related to human contact and the true meaning of our existence!

We understand that proper customer service affects every person who walks through our doors. Our customer service philosophy has a deeper meaning than just being polite. It ensures that customers’ needs are met with quality, dignity and quantifiable results!

With our referral services, we connect families to medical and dental services. More importantly, our referral network is centered around assisting families that have unforeseen occurrences in their lives. Our agency operates Early Childhood Connection, which offers child-subsidy assistance for working families that qualify for childcare assistance along with our Entrepreneur Center which provides financial education in business development to those who want to become self-sustaining through small business opportunities.


Since our inception in February 2007, we have proudly provided invaluable nutrition assistance and supportive services to 807,000 families throughout Clark county. 

These are exciting times for the Las Vegas Urban League’s WIC Program! We have launched a completely new website making it easy to navigate and deliver 5-star customer service 24/7 in parental nutrition education, the benefits of proper breastfeeding
and milk-storage techniques for your babies, monitoring gestational age and birth weights for infants, exercise programs for pre- and post-delivery mothers, food and financial aid assistance and much more.

Everything you need to know and where to go to receive proper assistance for yourself and your growing family can now be found on our website. We hope you come back often to set appointments, refer family and friends and engage us through social media such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. And now – please meet our Team!


Nutrition Education Team

The team is important because it provides nutritional education to parents, so that they can make better choices and lead healthier lifestyles. Recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that WIC has had tremendous influence on families. A study published in November 2019 found that 41 WIC state and territory agencies showed significant declines in obesity among children aged 2-4 years between 2010 and 2016.

Source: https://www.cdc.gov/obesity/data/obesity-among-WIC-enrolled-young-children.html

Registered dietitians from the LVUL WIC Program develop individual nutrition-care plans for families identified as “high risk.” These plans include group counseling development and curriculums such as “Participant Centered Services,” wherein the participants are the core of the nutritional decisions that affect their families. This initiative is key to assisting families and ensuring that they adhere to the best goals for their families’ healthy eating habits.

Parents are not aware of the different referrals we can give them. We might not be able to provide a specific service, but we will always look for other agencies/programs that can accommodate them. We are here to help them!

Our program can be further utilized if pregnant women enroll early in their pregnancy to obtain proper nutrition education counseling and nutritional supplemental food, referral services to other programs through low-income housing, welfare, food banks, women shelters, immunizations, medical and dental services.

WIC can provide many referrals to help families. Some of the referrals include the Diaper Bank, Nurse-Family partnership (for first time moms), NV statewide Maternal and Child health Coalition for Moms and postpartum moms who are experiencing depression, anxiety or mood disorders as well as referrals to community outreach medical centers for families without insurance.

Clinic Coordinators

The key elements our free program is to provide customer service and assistance to clients facing difficult situations that may require our expertise and knowledge. Being able to reassure the clients with personal assistance makes them feel good and know their issues will get resolved in a timely manner. The Flamingo East Clinic has helped hundreds of thousands of people since 2010.

We want people to know that our program is extremely important to families in our community because it literally saves lives!  We assist with monitoring gestational age and birth weights for infants. The Flamingo West Clinic has help hundreds of thousands of people since 2007. You need not have to wait until your baby is born to receive WIC services.

Our clinic coordinators are available to provide information for high schools and local hospital maternity wards, which is especially important for at risk mothers and fathers.


Key elements of the breastfeeding program are educating and supporting families to provide the most optimal type of nutrition for their infants.  It is vital because breastfeeding is essential in the overall growth and development of our young.

Exclusive breastfeeding has the strongest effect on infants and maternal health outcomes.  By CDC definition, exclusive breastfeeding is defined: “An infant receiving only breast milk and no other liquids or solids except for drops or syrups consisting of vitamins, minerals, or medications.”

For the emotional, physical and mental health of new mothers, their family needs a strong support system.  Our WIC breastfeeding team provides 24-hour support via cell phone contacts and in-office care for the entire family.  Everyone is welcome to attend classes to learn how to support the mother, baby and dad for breastfeeding. We answer questions and concerns of everyone in the family to ensure the mother is being encouraged to provide her milk for as long as possible.

Breast milk contains a vast number of vitamins, minerals, fats, hormones,
enzymes, growth factors, antimicrobial factors plus much more! Breast milk can change with the growth and demand of the infant.

Here is how Nevada compares to the national average. WIC is currently on course to not only match these averages, but to surpass them and reach more families in under served communities throughout Southern Nevada.

  • Exclusive Breastfeeding through 3 months = US National rate 46.9%
  • Exclusive Breastfeeding through 3 months = Nevada 44.1 %
  • Exclusive Breastfeeding through 6 months =US National rate 24.9%
  • Exclusive Breastfeeding through 6 months = Nevada 20.8%

Our WIC program has helped thousands of families learn, start and continue breastfeeding in the past 11 years. Our program provides many essentials such as a variety of pumps ranging from manual to hospital-grade double-electric pumps, milk storage bags, special needs bottles and transitional feeding tools and pamphlets on specific topics. We also offer breastfeeding classes.