5 and 5 Core Values

Our Customer Service Pledge

The Las Vegas Urban League Nutrition Education Centers – WIC is highly dedicated to deliver Customer Service to our community with Quality and Dignity to all whom we encounter.  We believe Customer Service is everything and anything and the true meaning of our existence.  It affects every person that walks through our doors.

 It has a deeper meaning than just being polite, rather by ensuring the customer needs are met with quality, dignity, and quantifiable results. We strive to earn your business and deliver hospitality harmony through our program delivery.

 We simply treat others as we would like to be treated. Ultimately, we subscribe to the philosophy that creating an exceptional customer service culture will earn the respect from the customers we serve, increase our integrity, respect, and trust of our community, while delivering quality and dignified service to those families in most need. 

Through Customer Service our goal is to improve operational efficiency and create a positive culture and environment that promotes exceptional customer service relationships with our families with measurable outcomes.  It is the true essence of our existence!!