Nutrition Education Centers

We are “Hospitality Focused – Nutrition Driven”


Nutrition Education

The actual diet that you and your child follows is very important for his or her health long term.

This means that by implementing a healthy menu for you child’s breakfast, lunch and dinner are important factors in all phases of their life!

Breast Feeding Education

Mothers, WIC is always here to help you with learning proper techniques for breast feeding.

Embark with us on a journey to ensure a happy and social future for your child!

Our Vision

Providing solid education and specific programs for the community will ensure mothers and children are heading in the right direction for future growth !

We are “Hospitality Focused – Nutrition Driven”.

“Great customer service is our gift, from our WIC family to yours.”

LaWanda Torres, Clinic Coordinator


The Las Vegas Urban League WIC celebrates YOU during World Breastfeeding Week

You Can Participate In “The Virtual Global Big Latch On 2021”

Friday, August 6th, 2021, Log on at 10am and a global count starts at 10:30am to be counted as mothers who are breast/chest feeding or expressing through directly latching to the breast/chest; using a supplemental nursing system or you’re giving your child human milk via an alternative method, are welcome!

AT 10 AM CLICK LINK HERE TO REGISTER FOR ZOOM ACCESS INFO: Location Detail – The Global Big Latch On Location ID: 4082

At around 10:30am we count all the breast/chest feeding that is happening. It’s a latch on, so a child’s mouth around a breast/chest feeding persons’ nipple counts. If you are breast/chest feeding twins or triplets (or more!) counts 2/3 even if they are not all breastfeeding at the same time. We figure that’s fair enough!

The Las Vegas Urban League WIC will be working hard to make sure you stay safe online; if you do not feel safe, please do not stay. We will still count you, just get in touch and let us know you latched. Visit www.WICLV.org to contact the LVUL WIC Breastfeeding Coordinator.